Assessment and Grading


        Assessment and Grading :

     The examination, assessment and grading regulations have been set up for the university by the University Senate and the Faculty of Medicine is bound by these regulations. In the first three years, according to our integrated educational system each tissue committee has its own exam and two final exams at the and of midterm. In the fourth and fifth years students are assessed by oral, written and practical exams. In the sixth year as a internship, students should get proficiency degree for each courses. The marking is made out of 100. Grades of 86-100 is assigned a letter grade of AA, 81-85 BA, 76-80 BB, 66-75 CB, 60-65 CC and 0-59 F3 . The AA is the highest grade and has a grade credit of 4.00, BA 3.5, BB 3.0, CB 2.5, CC 2.0 and F3 0.0. Grades of AA to CC are needed to pass the exams.. During Phase 1,2 and 3, grade for each midterm is calculated as the sum of 60% of the committee’s average and 40% of the final examination. The students who receive 60 out of 100 points as calculated by the avarege of two midterm grades pass the phase.