Learning Outcomes


       Learning Outcomes :

     The graduation requirements for the Faculy of Medicine are the same as the qualification requirements and regulations. There is no additional requirement to secure the Medical Doctor Degree provided that the students have passed all the courses in the curriculum with at least a CC grade.    

LO-1 Summarize the normal structure and function of the organism.

LO-2 Explain the pathogenesis, clinical and diagnostic features of diseases. 

LO-3 Manage life threatening conditions and transport the emergent cases if needed.

LO-4 Take history of patients and undertake general & system based physical examination.

LO-5 Perform basic invasive medical applications used in diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

LO-6 Apply principles of preventive and forensic medicine.

LO-7 Explain the structure and working procedures of national medical organization.

LO-8 List the legal responsibilities and define ethical principles in medicine.

LO-9 Apply effective first step treatment of basic common public diseases based on scientific data. 

L0-10 To be able to support by joining to the all local or national level activities aimed at increasing the effectiveness of processes of health care services, planning, implementation and evaluation.

LO-11 Taking into account cultural differences, to create a qualified professional communication medium with patient and relatives, based on mutual understanding, trust and respect.

LO-12 To assess, identify and monitor and evaluate the health status of the individuals within his/her serving community and the factors that may affect their health by appropraite measures and tools.