It prioritizes public health and preventive medicine in regional, national and universal context, does not compromise medical ethics, is culturally equipped, researcher, producer and quality, whose main basis and purpose is human health and science, modern, successful in the profession, innovative and quality Besides training physicians; To educate physicians who think freely and impartially, do not compromise on science, respect all kinds of thoughts and understandings, know the need to heal human beings, are in line with team spirit, know their social responsibilities, have a scientist spirit, and ensure that these physicians become health ambassadors everywhere they serve, To ensure the continuous professional development of physicians not only during medical education but also after graduation.



         Training practitioners and specialist physicians who will take place in scientific and academic staff above national and international standards, preferred in the first place in medical education, caught the infrastructure facilities required by today in medical education, closely following and supporting scientific achievements, and at the same time not content with meeting the needs of the country in service delivery, is to be an institution that aims to make a name in the field.