The mission of the Faculty of Medicine, Firat University:

1. Regional, national and global scale, which is humanity's needs and to contribute to the scientific world to the data to produce information. Quality physicians, as well as free-thinking, science without compromising any kind of thought and understanding, respectful, team spirit, social responsibility, knowing educate scholars each year, national and international indices of journals indexed in the faculty teaching staff issued per capita number of articles to increase,

2. Public health and preventive medicine at the forefront of thinking, principles of medical ethics of the club, the culturally equipped, researchers, producers and quality, aiming original premise and the main goal is still human and human health, which is a contemporary, career successful, innovative and creative physicians and to train physicians serve as ambassadors everywhere to ensure that the health,

3. In order to fulfill the expectations of our students education, which closely follows the latest innovations in education, self-renewing and updating the teaching staff to have,

4. Faculty connected to all academic and administrative staff of the scientific, psychological, social and personal development appropriate for the environment and conditions, allowing competition and motivation to ensure that attempts increase productivity, ideal for business and work environment targeting the management team, to have,

5. Not only during medical school after graduation to provide continuing professional development of physicians, need feedback from students as well as graduates taking them to reflect future education policy,

6. Educational and scientific process is the integral part of health care, preventive medicine Concern Besides, equipped with high technology diagnostic and treatment units, with up-to- abiding and follow innovation management approach to the community can be an example of qualified and competitive an organization is to achieve aims.


    Vision of the Faculty of Medicine, Firat University:

1. That graduates of all practitioners and specialists keep the level of quality world standards,

2. Every student that graduates in scientific and academic staff to ensure that hardware can be easily located,

3. Undergraduate, graduate, specialist and doctoral education ranks first in priority in the preference,

4. Only in our country but all over the world a powerful corporate identity with a tutorial of the age required infrastructure facilities, catch up, their scientific achievements closely follow and support but also in service delivery country to meet the needs satisfied in the international arena make her an institution is to be.